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Sorry to hear you've moved, but excited to visit you at your new place!!

What a great prize! Can't wait to go, this will be my first Fancy Flea!

Thanks for the chance to win:)

This will be my first time attending. Looking forward to it!

I am assuming this event is Nov. 2 but I have not seen it posted anywhere... anyway looking forward to this...I have never been to this event before

I can't wait to be a vendor again! So looking forward to being able to set up the night before and being rested the day of...YEA!

Carol The Polka Dot closet

hi lori; I cannot wait for nov.! my whole life has revolved around "junking" & creating new things from old. everything has a purpose! I've finally after 30 yrs infected my husband with the bug & now he's excited too. this will be our first time to fancy flea & surely won't be our last.
thanks again for your endless inspirations;
linda wood

SO EXCITED for this event!!! Pick me! Looking forward to Nov 2nd!!!!
Casey Chandler

Wow. I'm so excited about the Fancy Flea love the shopping, loved the last 2 so much....Can't wait.

Can't wait to attend the upcoming show! I LOVE the Fancy Flea because of all the diverse vendors and their wares! I hope to purchase everyones Christmas presents this time. Hope to win!

Can't wait until November. It will be my first Fancy flea event.

I'd love to win!

Love, love, love the Fancy Flea Market. Can't wait to attend again.

I am counting the days to Fancy Flea!! It is the BEST show ever and really looking forward to it in Plant City with more room!! Yahoo, it's almost here!! Just 1 month away to the day!! See, I am really counting!!

Hi Lori,

My boyfriend says I enjoy the hunt just as much as the purchase. I'm already planning my treasure hunt list. Looking forward to a great event and finding tons of vintage treasures. Four generations of women will be assisting me with my booth, as we take turns shopping. We're all tweeting our friend s and co-workers and plan on making a day of it. We're telling them to leave the guys at home and bring their shopping carts.
Thank you for bringing this event to Plant City.

God Bless

Wow! What a great bundle of treasures! I can't wait for the Fancy Flea!

I am so excited to have found your site.. Love everything I see.and I am inspired..... I have been looking for a site like this and now I have found one thanks to my good friend from Lakeland... thanks Vicki... looking forward to seeing more you you....

Oh I love this kind of thing. I just opened a vintage store in Shipshewana, IN this year.

Cant wait to go to fancy flea. I have been an addict since I first saw your post see you there!

Leaving a comment in hopes to win!!!
Heather Tau @ Pineapple Avenue

So excited about another Fancy Flea! I don't see the exact date though... based on the '30 days from today' comment I am guessing November 2nd. Is that correct?

Looking forward to November!!

WOw...how cool is this...thank you for posting this upcoming event. CONGRATS to whomever wins

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